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CCA Compendium 2017

2017 was the busiest year ever in the history of CCA, with a packed events agenda around the UK and Ireland, an extensive research and benchmarking programme and interest in CCA Global Standard© reaching record levels with the latest insights from ex

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CCA Compendium 2018

2018 has been an exciting and busy year for the CCA network with many new services developed and delivered in response to the cross sectoral industry requests identified throughout the year. CCA has developed a real time customer feedback loop with me

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CCA Compendium 2019

Findings from the last year in customer service. An overview of the state of the industry and how change is coming into shape for the new decade, as well as a look at how things have changed over the past year.

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Current Trends in Business Process Outsourcing

For this research, conducted in association with Annual Platinum Partners Invest Northern Ireland, and Silver Partners Agilisys, we surveyed both BPO operators and in-house providers on their views on some critical issues related to the outsourcing agenda

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The Future of Work & Automation in CX

It's difficult to predict what the future holds, but anticipating trends and planning ahead is what makes some organisations leaders and those who define the market. Completed in partnership with Gobeyond Partners, and including research findings from

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Collaborative Working

For most organisations, communicating and working with other departments is a critical daily activity. This infographic summarises the findings of our Collaborative Working Report, produced in collaboration with Poly (Plantronics).

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Future Contact Centre Customer

This research we are conducting in association with Kura focuses specifically on: - The biggest customer service challenges facing organisations - How challenges like reducing customer effort, improving quality and meeting the rising expectations of c

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Health and Well-being Report

This survey of over 1,000 people professionals provides valuable benchmarking data to help organisations evaluate and improve their health and well-being practices. It also aims to get under the skin of workplace policy and culture to give the profession

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Heroes and Zeroes

Last week seems like a year ago, and things that seemed unimaginable only a month ago are now part of our normal daily lives

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COVID-19: Week 2 - Views from the CCA Network

Many frontline agents are experiencing huge anxiety around leave allowances. In response, many businesses are updating and swelling leave policies in order to accommodate agents during the pandemic and cover not only sickness leave but allowances for self

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