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Horses for courses?

A flurry of headlines this week underlined the extent to which we are dealing with an increasingly fragmented, and in some ways even polarised, customer base. The Sunday Times Rich List revealed that there are now more than 100 billionaires in the UK...

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Wisdom in the crowd

As we head into Easter holiday weekend, one thing most of us are likely to experience is crowds, whether it is on the motorway, at the airport or the supermarket. The sight of a heaving mass of strangers between you and where you want to get to is...

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Internet of Lost Things

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the internet. We are living in the most ‘connected’ age ever. What could be better? The answer, apparently, is the next evolution of the worldwide web: the ‘Internet of Things’. In e...

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Plastic Fantastic

Browsing the news headlines this week you’d be forgiven for thinking you were caught in a timewarp given the excitement generated by news from two very different organisations involving plastic product innovation. The buzz is more understandab...

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