CCA Global, a leading authority in customer service and experience, is set to co-host a major event alongside The Knowledge Group (tkg), in Edinburgh on 21 February, focused on the future of outsourcing, technology, and customer service.

Almost 20% of everyday customer service interactions in banking, utility, IT support, retail, mobile and public sector are provided by business process and outsourcing organisations (BPO), with many of them leading the latest AI and technology deployments.

Employing 1M people globally, with a significant percentage in UK and Ireland, the main global players are convening to discuss the future of this growing sector and how technology will be used to enable better customer experience and complement the workforce.

Hosted by CCA Global, an organisation with 30 years’ experience in developing customer service standards and market-leading research, the roundtable dinner will challenge the current state of play and call for the industry to challenge existing practices and establish agreed standards to ensure consumers gain from new technological advancements.

Anne Marie Forsyth, CCA Executive Chair commented, "We're convening to explore how to balance the optimal use of AI and automation, while preserving meaningful human interactions in customer service. It is important to explore all the issues that impact businesses, employees, and consumers alike. We have an opportunity and responsibility to steer this transformation toward a future that benefits all stakeholders."

The event is being co-hosted with The Knowledge Group (tkg), an advisory and managed services firm, who specialise in connecting buyers to BPO and contact centre suppliers through their tech-enabled sourcing solutions and global marketplace.

David Rumble, co-founder of tkg noted, "The transformational impact of technology on the customer journey cannot be overstated. From the balance between respecting individuals' privacy vs. the potential risk of digital exclusion, to how generative AI could replace meaningful human conversation – the BPO market is in a pivotal position to influence real industry change.”

CCA will continue the discussion the following day at its first Leaders’ Summit of 2024, where more than 150 senior executives from private and public sectors will come together to explore cutting edge strategies and engage in impactful discussions with like-minded peers.