A revolution is taking place in customer service and experience

The speed and severity of change over the last two years has left little time for individuals and organisations to reflect and plan for the future. This has resulted in many business models facing unprecedented disruption.
How should you best lead the charge on developing service, CX, digital and people transformation?

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CCA Global is the heart of the customer service and CX community; a community that is designed to be collaborative by default, sharing knowledge and inspiring curious minds to deliver customer service excellence.

CCA's community of customer service and CX leaders meet regularly to challenge norms, discuss best practice, and critically, produce new thinking on future customer service strategies for brands in public and private sectors, large and small.

Our Expert Network

We engage with business leaders who have a passion for improved customer experience, inviting them to contribute their wisdom and experience to support the growth of professionalism across the CCA network and beyond.

Advisory Board

CCA Advisory Board supports CCA’s vision to achieve industry-wide excellence in customer experience

Supplier Partners

Supplier partners sponsor sessions, commission research and engage in discussion and debate with leaders in the CCA network.

Excellence Awards Judging Panel

An independent panel of judges who undertake the challenging role of reviewing and scoring all Award applications.

Assessment Team

Accreditation involves a virtual/onsite assessment carried out by an independent team of qualified assessors.

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We work with over 500 leading brands which reflects more than 30% of customer service in the UK. Some members are:


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