Thought Leadership

CCA Industry Council Thought Leadership Forum

CCA Industry Council is the most influential forum for future customer service strategy. Established in 2005, the forum represents c30% of customer service activity in the UK and Ireland.

The agenda is developed in collaboration with Platinum Members and delivers bespoke research, benchmarking, case study and expert-opinion designed to support informed decision making on customer service transformation.

For each hosted session, the host Company’s senior leadership team will share a candid and honest view of their customer experience strategy, focusing on the challenges, market conditions and customer behaviours and how this is shaping the future of their business.

Who Should Take Part?

As a thought-leadership forum, all participants must be able to contribute to group discussions and debate focusing on strategy, vision and operational excellence. Individuals who influence the future direction of customer service and customer experience strategy are invited to attend and contribute.

Places are limited to one attendee per organisation at each planned session. Deputies are permitted at the discretion of CCA.

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