Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The 'human touch' in a digital world

CCA Industry Council Thought Leadership Forum is an independent source of the latest thinking, benchmarking data and thought leadership research for senior executives working in the areas of customer service delivery and customer management.

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CCA Industry Council Thought Leadership Programme includes discussion, debate and benchmarking on the following topics:


The Culture Club

  • Moving the enterprise one step closer to customer
  • Challenging 'old' ideas
  • Breaking down silos
  • Thinking like a 'start-up'
  • Managing the distance between human-digital customers

Whose experience is it anyway?

  • Who owns CX?
  • Measuring what matters
  • The reality of FCR: Who is winning?
  • Setting and managing customer experience - lessons learned

Disruption in our market

  • Disrupting with purpose - engaging new behaviours to effect change
  • Disruption as an enabler to improve customer experience
  • Homeworking models to achieve flexibility
  • Being agile in an uncertain world

World class excellence: Least worst?

  • What does good look like: A fresh look at an old question
  • Understanding what drives improvement
  • Brand and service alignment: Mind the gap

Leadership: The big idea?

  • Responding to the voice of the customer
  • Brave decision-making
  • Front-line leadership in a complex environment
  • Leading millennials: A new approach?

The Balancing Act

  • Customer/colleague engagement: Tipping the scales to find equilibrium
  • The 'witty' agent - letting the 'true you' shine through your brand ambassadors
  • Recognising and rewarding the right behaviours
  • Nudging for the greater good

Dances with robots?

  • Agents or chat-bots? Where does AI begin and end?
  • Robotics - carrying the load or replacing humans? Friend or foe?
  • CCA Dragons Den - New ideas to stimulate innovation
  • Who is doing what? 2020 vision

Procurement: A new age of maturity

  • Winning examples
  • Confidence in making informed investments to build better service
  • Lessons learned - A show & tell clinic
  • The changing face of BPO

Trust in a transparent world

  • Building trust from front-line to boardroom - rhetoric or reality?
  • Empowering colleagues of the future through trusted relationships
  • How to build customer trust: Walk the walk and talk the talk
  • The issue of trust in a 'post truth' world


  • A move from desirable to essential for effective management
  • Demographics: Attracting both customers and colleagues
  • Proven tactics to drive and improve wellbeing & productivity
  • The vulnerable customer: Recognition of a growing need alongside regulatory requirements

A cocktail of channels

  • How to decide what works for your customers and brand
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of bad channel implementation
  • Single view - rhetoric or reality?
  • A visual world - seeing is believing
  • Social animal or social misfit? Who is winning with social media? Time for a critical look

Developing and supporting a sustainable workforce

  • Emerging Leader Programme
  • Achieving best practice through disruption & change
  • The role of mentoring
  • View from front-line colleagues: Leaders, are you listening?
  • View from the top: The challenge of decision making in a fast paced 'always on' world
  • Planning for 2020

Latest Research

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