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Return to sender

The last few weeks have seen annual retail results emerge after our Christmas spend. Some like JD Sports holding firm others like New Look and Debenhams showing poorer than expected results. Most analysts agree that retail is in for a rough ride in 2...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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It's a real effort

‘Alexa already has your home, now she wants your car’, ‘Crash testing the airbag for cyclists’ and ‘Could you fall in love with a pet robot?’ are just some of the fascinating headlines from this year’s CES e...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Dear Santa

Dear SantaAs 2018 draws to a close, it's been a tough one for many. There’s so much we could ask for but we don’t want to be greedy so we’ve tried to stick to the essentials. A sprinkling of fairy dust to shine some light on Bre...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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The demons of distraction

This week I became aware of exactly how much screen time I devote, with the very revealing new Apple iPhone update. How much?? No surely not, can’t be so much I’m thinking, but of course it is. It’s a bit like a credit card bill, yo...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Excellence is a habit

December is generally a frenetic month for most of us – whether planning for Christmas and family gifts, working to securing end of year targets and of course, responding to demanding customers anxious about receiving their purchases on time or...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Latest Research

Digital is the future for customer service so why are we paralysed by indecision?

New research from CCA, in partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise, finds that almost two-thirds of respondents to our survey agree that digital customer service is the future. However, the persistence of managing traditional channels remains and only one in 5 agree that most of their engagement with customers is now digital.
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CCA CEO Anne Marie Forsyth was involved in a radio day with Salesforce talking about new consumer research they have just conducted with YouGov which shows that customer attitudes to service are actually improving. We talked to a range of stations up and down the country all of whom were enthusiastic and encouraged by the findings.

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Guest Blog

Shine a light...

Each week there is something in the news about disgruntled customers. Citizens Advice announced their findings around who’s winning and losing the customer service battle ratings amongst the energy firms. The research stated that while price i...
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Weekly Spotlight

Keeping it Human

The service we receive from the brands we engage with can be delivered from all corners of the globe, seamlessly and efficiently. Our interview with Jeremy Fitch uncovers what's happening a little closer to home as we look at the customer service landscape in Northern Ireland.
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