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Precious Moments

They say human attention is the most precious commodity in the 21st Century, according to David Mattin, head of trends at I read this on the BA business magazine this week travelling from London; my full attention was on fascinatin...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Team Talk Tactics

Those of you who know me will be surprised if I mention football; despite living in a male family with football mad sons and husband, it’s not a subject I know too much about! The England team performance against Columbia got me thinking about ...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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The heat is on!

With trainline tracks too hot for trains to travel, and June temperature records being broken, it’s fair to say the heat is definitely on. For some it’s a blissful antidote to a long grey winter, for others it’s just too hot to enjo...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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It's summer!

The glorious summer sun has provided some welcome relief from wall to wall Brexit news - it’s too nice to sit indoors and the barbecue beckons. I’ve even been saved by my iPhone glare making it hard to read in the sun - a sort of summer d...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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IQ EQ any clue?

An article in The Times on Tuesday this week caught my eye, reporting that the IQ of young people has begun to fall, after rising steadily since the Second World War. According to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon, the decline, which is...
Anne Marie Forsyth
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Latest Research

Digital is the future for customer service so why are we paralysed by indecision?

New research from CCA, in partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise, finds that almost two-thirds of respondents to our survey agree that digital customer service is the future. However, the persistence of managing traditional channels remains and only one in 5 agree that most of their engagement with customers is now digital.
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CCA CEO Anne Marie Forsyth was involved in a radio day with Salesforce talking about new consumer research they have just conducted with YouGov which shows that customer attitudes to service are actually improving. We talked to a range of stations up and down the country all of whom were enthusiastic and encouraged by the findings.

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Guest Blog

Shine a light...

Each week there is something in the news about disgruntled customers. Citizens Advice announced their findings around who’s winning and losing the customer service battle ratings amongst the energy firms. The research stated that while price i...
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Weekly Spotlight

Keeping it Human

The service we receive from the brands we engage with can be delivered from all corners of the globe, seamlessly and efficiently. Our interview with Jeremy Fitch uncovers what's happening a little closer to home as we look at the customer service landscape in Northern Ireland.
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