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Customer service beyond the pandemic

A collaborative project using a close network of leading private and public sector brands, this report draws together insights from research captured and analysed since the beginning of the pandemic along with key market intelligence to produce critical l

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Heroes and Zeroes

Last week seems like a year ago, and things that seemed unimaginable only a month ago are now part of our normal daily lives

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What Challenges Will We Face in 2020?

CCA are conducting new research for 2020, in association with Platinum partners Twilio. The research seeks to understand how working patterns, technology and CX journeys are likely to evolve over the next twelve months, and what new challenges will emerge

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CCA Member Opinion Poll

Have you taken part in January‚?Ts Member Opinion Poll? This month we‚?Tre looking at Brexit ‚?' tell us what YOU think ‚?' it‚?Tll only take 2 minutes!

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Being Human

Amid a drive for automation and efficiency in contact centres, it is heartening to see examples of organisations that value the importance of the human voice when it comes to dealing with customers in distress. The latest TV ad from insurance compan...

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Living your values

The banking sector has struggled to restore public trust in the wake of financial scandals but encouraging signs are emerging of radical changes in corporate culture at the highest level, designed to rebuild trust at the front line in customer servic...

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Celebrate a Coming of Age!

Unbelievably we are now in our 18th year of hosting and assembling the CCA Convention! This maturing is a reflection of the developments in the contact centre industry itself - we have the experience and knowledge which comes with ‘adulthood...

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2011 has been a turbulent year across the globe with raft of historically significant events unfolding before our eyes. From the birth of the Arab Spring and eurozone financial crisis to the London riots and Japanese earthquake, there have been dra...

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Who's complaining?

Had great meetings this week in London with two of our larger outsourcing members - Careline Services and The Listening Company which were quickly followed by a visit to the Treasury office who are discussing with us their Digital Strategy for delive...

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