Unbelievably we are now in our 18th year of hosting and assembling the CCA Convention!  This maturing is a reflection of the developments in the contact centre industry itself - we have the experience and knowledge which comes with ‘adulthood’, but the ‘youthful’ dexterity and competence associated with operating in a very challenging period of economic transformation. 

Most people within the CCA network are actively considering the best model to deliver a better customer experience and to drive more profitability and value from customer interactions. Our agenda for 2012 will see us continuing to focus our products and services to support this challenge.  We will be delivering a wide-range of activities to help understand the structure, complexity and approach being taken by organisations today. 

For the Convention itself which takes place in November 2012, we will present a range of ‘future scenarios’ that demonstrate how the choices we make today can influence our businesses for tomorrow. These will be derived from the Industry Council research agenda.  This is a continuous programme for 2012 with discreet outputs based around four key themes developed in collaboration with members in sessions facilitated by specialist advisors and industry experts. The four key themes are: measuring and communicating the value of customer experience; meeting and managing customer needs and expectations; developing and fostering our future workforce; and catalysing change in our organisations. To hear more about the research, please get in touch.  

Just in the last couple of weeks, we have also launched a programme of Operational Excellence Forums with our Industry Council and selected members to understand more about ‘what good looks like’. Areas being covered include: organisational design and business structure; voice of the customer; relationships with BPO Partners; channels of contact; voice of the employee; operations and IT, systems and applications. Anyone who would like to hear more about this work, please get in touch. 

We are committed to celebrating diversity whilst fostering collaboration so be part of it!


To find out more about Convention 2012: please contact us.