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Elevate skills and performance to achieve customer service excellence

Many organisations are facing a critical skills gap that limits their capacity to innovate and deliver exceptional customer service. The ability to inspire, guide, and elevate a team is crucial for achieving success in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Continuous training and development are essential to staying ahead, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge.

CCA offers tailored learning and development opportunities designed specifically for leaders at all levels. From enhancing communication skills to benchmarking your operations against industry standards, CCA training and development programmes provide the tools and insights needed to drive excellence and lead with confidence. Get involved and unlock your potential to transform your leadership and your organisation's performance.

CCA Inspire: Creating opportunities to strengthen resilience, build trust, and empowerment in front-line teams

With the remote and hybrid workplace, new challenges in motivation and engagement, managing performance and communication are rising to the top. In addition, employee wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important topic with the ‘always on’ culture of digital and remote working proving at times to have a detrimental impact on employees.

The Team Manager provides the critical link between customers and business leaders, tasked with delivering a CX strategy. As one of the most challenging roles in any customer facing operation, it’s a position that needs resourced by the best talent, with the skills and capabilities to manage effectively, build confidence, adapt to changing demands, whilst at the same time keeping a close eye on quality and performance.

CCA Inspire is a tried and tested programme run by leadership expert Natalie Calvert, that offers Team Leaders and Team Managers the opportunity to reflect and review their own performance and re-prioritise their responsibilities as a leader.

Through a blend of live presentation, peer to peer debate, polling and discussion, the programme focuses around 4 core topics to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions:

  • How effective is my leadership style? Do I get the most out of my team?
  • Can I demonstrate improved performance and the value my team brings to the organisation?
  • How do I ensure I prioritise appropriately?
  • Am I building a sense of community and embedding the organisation’s culture?

Lead with Confidence: Harness the power of effective communication

In today's fast-paced business environment, customer service leaders often face challenging conversations that can impact team morale, customer satisfaction, and overall performance. Imagine having the skills of a top hostage negotiator at your disposal to handle these situations with ease and confidence.

Join this exclusive workshop led by Chris White, a renowned hostage negotiator and expert in communication. This transformative experience is designed specifically for customer service leaders, equipping you with the tools and strategies needed to master difficult interactions and elevate your team's performance.

Why attend?

  • Master challenging customer interactions:
    Gain practical skills to handle tough conversations with confidence and empathy.
  • Mental health awareness:
    Learn to recognise the impact of mental health on communication and support both customers and colleagues effectively.
  • Build resilience:
    Develop techniques to stay calm and composed under pressure, ensuring productive outcomes even in high-stress situations.
  • Vulnerability and empathy:
    Discover the power of vulnerability in building trust and resolving conflicts.
  • Empowerment and adaptability:
    Foster a culture of empowerment, encouraging adaptability and innovative problem-solving within your team.

Enhance your professional relationships

  • Constructive conversations:
    Master the art of productive and constructive conversations with colleagues, promoting a collaborative and supportive work environment.
  • Conflict resolution:
    Learn effective methods to address and resolve conflicts, improving team cohesion and overall performance.

Additional benefits

  • Effective listening skills:
    Improve your ability to listen actively and empathetically, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Psychological safety:
    Create a safe space for open dialogue, encouraging honest and respectful communication.
  • Structured techniques:
    Utilise structured techniques to prepare for and engage in challenging conversations, ensuring clarity and compassion in your delivery.

Measure Up: Assess your organisation’s customer experience against the recognised industry benchmarks

In today’s competitive market, staying ahead in customer service is critical. Is your organisation meeting the high standards set by industry leaders?

This bespoke workshop offers a thorough assessment of your performance across all operational areas, tailored specifically for your sector.

It provides your team with an in-depth understanding of essential benchmarks and measures identified as key to success in your industry. It encourages open discussion and debate, focusing on continuous improvement while addressing barriers, opportunities, and resources unique to your organisation.

By participating, you will gain invaluable insights into how your customer operations compare to industry standards.

A detailed summary report will highlight the strengths and weaknesses identified during the workshop, offering clear guidance to help you shape and enhance business performance and customer experience. This workshop is the crucial first step towards achieving future accreditation and elevating your customer service to industry-leading levels.

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