CCA Global Standard© is a progressive industry accreditation designed by industry, for industry. It measures an organisation's customer service strategy, helping to raise the bar and develop a consistent approach to service excellence.

CCA Global Standard Achievement Awards – April 2022

CCA Global Standard© is firmly established as industry’s recognised accreditation programme, demonstrating a professional commitment to customer service excellence.

Organisations make a long-term commitment to continuously improving customer experience by adopting CCA Global Standard© as a fundamental part of their core operating model.

CCA Global Standard Achievement Awards are presented throughout an organisation’s accreditation journey. The Bronze Award recognises 5+ years of continuous assessment and accreditation; The Silver Award for 10+ years and finally the Gold Award recognising 15+ years.

Operational Excellence

Knowing if your service delivery is effective for customers can be difficult to measure and explaining how you engage and respond to customers to other parts of the business can be lost in translation.

There has never been a greater need than now for the industry to reflect on how teams work to understand vulnerability, employee engagement, customer engagement, new working models and wellbeing. CCA accreditation services has assessed almost 1,000 different service operations and is proven to test the reliability and effectiveness of your contact centre and customer service operation.

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CCA accreditation can help you:

Transition to new operating models including homeworking and hybrid approaches

Provide solid guidance on customer experience measurement

Deal with vulnerability of both customers and employees

Measure employee engagement and wellbeing

Organisations that achieve CCA accreditation typically achieve some of the following benefits:

Consistency in approach in responding to customers regardless of geographic location

Raises the profile of customer-facing teams across the business

Demonstrates commitment to customer experience from the Board to front-line teams

Facilitates continuous improvement within the organisation

Demonstrates commitment to achieving industry standards

Pride and achievement for teams and individuals in high quality service delivery

Supports improved complaint handling and other process improvements

Identifies key business strengths and industry-leading practices

Important Accreditation Updates

Virtual Assessments - what our members are saying:

"We used an online collaboration tool for all the evidence which the assessor was able to access in advance and review prior to assessment days ... this made the interviews much more focused and the whole thing worked really well"
CCA Accredited Member, December 2020

Great expectations.... or not?

05 May 2023 BLOG

I've lost count of the number of times the phrase 'rising customer expectations' is the basis for presentations over the last couple of decades. It's a kind of given, following the logic that as technology and science gallops forward, coupled with our inc

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The way we were....

17 March 2023 BLOG

Great digital strides were made over the last 3 years through necessity. The number of processes aided by AI, robotics and automation is staggering. However, some of these hastily applied services are in urgent need of review......

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Many brands use CCA Global Standard© to improve performance and demonstrate a commitment to employees, customers and stakeholders alike. We work together to achieve the accreditation, offering support and guidance as and when required throughout the entire process.

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Recognising and Celebrating Success

Accredited organisations understand the importance of recognising the great work which takes place in today’s customer service operations.
Recognising and celebrating this success is important, whether in-person, at a formal event, online or by sharing experiences and contributing through presentations, case studies, discussions or debates.

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