CCA Accreditation© is a mark of excellence, demonstrating an organisation's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences

Managing customer service and experience is complex due to changing demands, new technologies, and evolving expectations.

Delivering the highest standards in customer service is achievable with the proven methodologies of CCA Global Accreditation©. These standards serve as blue-prints for excellence, offering robust strategies to minimise risk, enhance operational efficiency, improve quality, and foster innovation.
For over 25 years, CCA Global has set the benchmark for best practice in customer experience with the renowned CCA Global Accreditation for Customer Experience© and more recently, with CCA Global Accreditation for Learning and Development

CCA offers two distinct pathways to elevate organisational standards and practices.

CCA Global Accreditation© Achievement Awards – April 2024

CCA Global Achievement Awards are presented throughout an organisation's accreditation journey. The Bronze Award recognises 5+ years of continuous assessment and accreditation; The Silver Award for 10+ years; The Gold Award recognising 15+ years; And finally, the Platinum Award recognises more than 20 years continuous assessment and accreditation.
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CCA Global Accredited organisations achieve the following benefits:

Consistency in approach in responding to customers regardless of geographic location

Raises the profile of customer-facing teams across the business

Demonstrates commitment to customer experience from the Board to front-line teams

Facilitates continuous improvement within the organisation

Demonstrates commitment to achieving industry standards

Pride and achievement for teams and individuals in high quality service delivery

Supports improved complaint handling and other process improvements

Identifies key business strengths and industry-leading practices

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Many organisations use CCA Global Accreditation© to enhance performance and demonstrate their commitment to colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We work with you throughout the entire accreditation process, offering expert support and guidance every step of the way to achieve this prestigious award.

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