CCA Excellence Awards 2021

CCA Excellence Awards are regarded across industry as the ultimate recognition for customer service excellence

Customer Service Heroes 2021

Everyone deserves to give and receive recognition regardless of job title, tenure or function.
The NEW CCA Customer Service Heroes Programme creates a consistent and easy approach for customer service employees to be recognised for the dedication and hard-work they demonstrate every day, supporting customers and each other.

Recognising talent, initiative, innovation and best practice

We will be adjusting the CCA Excellence Awards timetable to take account of the additional challenges and disruptions caused by Covid-19.

The new Awards Programme timeline for 2021 will be as follows:

  • Week commencing 8 February

    Shortlist announced

  • Week commencing 1 February

    Online Verification presentations begin

  • 19 March 2021

    CCA Excellence Award Winners' week

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to enter is £1,000 plus VAT. This fee allows you to submit a total of 3 award entries. Additional entries will then be charged at £250 plus VAT per entry.
CCA Platinum Members receive one free entry, thereafter the fee is £900 plus VAT for a total of 3 additional award entries. Additional entries will then be charged at £200 plus VAT per entry.

For this you will receive:

* A detailed feedback report for each entry submitted with comments from judges and suggestions for improvement/elaboration.
* Shortlisted entries will receive an additional, detailed feedback report following their presentation to judges with suggestions for improvement.
* The fee also includes free access to an online session announcing the short-list for each category.
* If short-listed, you will be invited to deliver a 20-minute presentation to CCA Judges which will replace the CCA verification calls.
* An entry certificate and short-listed certificate (if applicable) and materials to promote involvement in the programme will be available.
* For winners, a CCA Excellence Award trophy, press opportunities and additional profile to celebrate winning
* All shortlisted entrants will receive complimentary access to the digital awards ceremony for their category.

Once all applications have been received an invoice will be issued. Payments can be made via credit card, cheque or BACS transfer. You can contact our Finance Team for more information. All entries must be paid for, even if you are not successful in reaching the shortlist.

Midnight on 30th October 2020.

Yes, as long as all amendments are made prior to the published entry deadline. To amend your entry, simply upload your amended document onto the online submission website and send an email to the Awards Manager to advise of this amendment, indicating what entry should be discounted from judging i.e. category and date submitted.

The judging panel is made up of an independent group of professionals from all sectors. All judges must have at least three years' experience in customer service and demonstrate a sound knowledge of operational processes with multichannel experience. Details of the Judging Panel for 2020 will be available on the website soon.

Each individual submission is scored independently by three members of our judging panel. These scores are combined to provide a total score. The shortlist will include companies/individuals that reach the minimum benchmarking score for the category entered. Feedback on written submissions is provided to entrants at the time of being notified whether or not they have been successful in reaching the shortlist. Shortlisted entrants will then be invited to deliver a 20-minute presentation to CCA Judges which will replace the CCA verification calls. This provides a final score which is added to the scores allocated at the written submission stage.

No. To make the process as fair as possible we require all submissions to be entered by the agreed submission date.

The online entry system will calculate your overall word count, automatically applying a discretionary 10% allowance. If you exceed this total word count allowance a message will appear on screen highlighting this to you. You should adjust your entry accordingly or risk your score being penalised by judges.

Prepare your entry in a word doc first of all. Award entries should then be submitted using the online entry form.

Entrants are able to upload images, tables and graphs to support their entries. These should be a maximum of 10mb per file and is limited to a maximum of 5 files per submission. This should not be used for customer/colleague testimonials or additional supporting documents, which will be included in the overall submission word count. Where possible, include all text in the online entry form. Video/media files cannot be submitted. Acceptable appendices include: photos, links to videos, data tables; graphs. Unacceptable appendices include: quotes/accolates; additional text.

The shortlist will be announced on the week commencing 25 January

All shortlisted entrants will be required to participate in a verification call with a member of the Excellence Awards Committee throughout September/ October. This provides Committee Members with the opportunity to question entrants further on their submission and offers entrants the opportunity to provide additional information in sections that may have scored lower as identified by judges in the written submission stage. CCA or your appointed Judging Panel Member will be in touch to arrange a suitable time and date for this call.

It is preferable that a maximum of 2 participants per shortlisted entry contributes to the presentation. Where two organisations have submitted a joint application, there may be a representative from each organisation. For individual categories nominees may have their nominator/line manager present to support them during presentation. However, this must be carried out by the nominee and the Judging Panel Member will decide if input from the nominator will be contributed to the final score.

No further input is required from entrants after this stage. Committee Members will allocate a final score, based on the presentation, which will be added to the 3 scores already allocated by judging panel members at the written submission stage. Winners will be those with the highest score in each category. Winners will then be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Winners will be announced at the Digital Awards Ceremony for their category week commencing 19 March 2021.

Shortlisted entrants who are unable to attend the digital Awards Ceremony can either nominate a representative to accept the award on their behalf.

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