Women in Leadership Awards

We invite you to join us as we celebrate and raise the visibility of the many inspiring women working in customer service and customer experience.

The CCA Women in Leadership Awards recognise the leadership and commitment of women who are driving positive change and impact in customer-facing organisations. The awards recognise leadership at all levels.

There are 3 award categories

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This award recognises an inspiring leader who:

  • - has faced a professional challenge, career move, or career change in the past 3 years that has high potential for the future
  • - demonstrates leadership qualities such as strategic thinking, embracing innovation, inclusion, entrepreneurship and an appetite for driving change
  • - is a rising star who, regardless of age, is considered a go-getter with great potential for future success in the industry

This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • - has played a critical leadership role in the implementation of a project, partnership or collaborative initiative over the past 5+ years
  • - has achieved meaningful results and positive change in the customer service industry through that project or initiative
  • - has demonstrated valuable leadership skills such as collaboration, communication, team building, transformation, innovation, change management, commitment and passion for innovation that has made an impact

This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • - has held a senior position of leadership (C-level executive, GM, Board Director, Chair) for more than 3 years
  • - has extensive experience in the customer service industry (10+ years) and has shown leadership and vision resulting in meaningful business impact
  • - demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, such as integrity and initiative, mentoring and giving back, dedication and determination, resilience and risk taking, and passion for innovation that has impact.
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Please provide a written submission of up to 1000 words explaining why you feel this person should win along with any relevant supporting information.

You are free to interpret the category as you wish – your challenge is to wow the judges with a story about why you stand out from the rest.

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Entry Deadline:

The closing date for entry is midnight Friday 1st March 2024.


Members of the CCA network - £500 per nomination

Non members - £1,000 per nomination

Awards Date:

Winners will be announced at the CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner in Glasgow on 25th April 2024.


We welcome nominations from across the CCA network. Nominees and nominators do not need to be from organisations who are currently financial members of CCA Global Limited

We use an inclusive definition of ‘women’, including transgender, gender diverse and non-binary individuals.

Privacy Statement:
CCA takes your data privacy seriously and will not routinely share your information.

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