In a climate of unprecedented uncertainty on the cusp of Brexit, of which the outcome is still unknown, how can organisations plan for the future and make the critical decisions that will ensure their continued relevance and also maximise on any opportunities that arise as a result.


To meet ongoing changing demands from customers and to support business efficiencies achieved through effective digital transformation, many organisations consider customer service and CX improvement as a top priority. However, there are ongoing challenges of where and how to invest, boardroom commitment and buy-in, as well as reviewing optimum approaches to engaging with critical partners.


Business process outsourcing (BPO) has played a critical role in supporting organisations through periods of significant change and uncertainty and for some, a maturity has now emerged in many partner relationships. However, for others old and outdated models, measurements and methods of procurement have reached breaking point for both the BPO provider and the contracting partner requiring considerable change in approach.


It is estimated that around 15-20% of customer service activity is currently outsourced however this figure has remained relatively static for a number of years now. With an estimated global value reaching US$91-93 billion by 2020 for the BPO market, there are significant growth opportunities for outsourcing businesses providing the rules of engagement mature to a more informed and educated approach to procurement.


With increasing customer expectations around mobile and digital service, an opportunity exists for the BPO and outsourcing market to showcase capabilities and expertise. This project seeks to address some key issues including:


  • How to make the best procurement decisions to support future CX and service strategies
  • Educating procurement professionals in acquiring outsourcing and BPO/BTS services to best meet business objectives
  • Understanding the optimum contract measurements and partner deliverables to ensure success in all elements of the contract
  • Create better connections between the vision of a project/contract and the delivery
  • Understand what ‘good’ looks like in BPO/BTS contract looks like
  • Create opportunities for better analysis and insight on voice of customer to improve future service and CX propositions



CCA is seeking participants from our members, partners and wider network to contribute to this important project.

Who can participate?

  • CCA Platinum and Gold Members can participate at no additional cost.
  • CCA Sponsor Partners and Members from the BPO/BTS/Outsourcing sector can participate at no additional cost.
  • CCA Silver Members from the BPO/BTS/Outsourcing sector can participate. Costs can be supplied following a note of interest.
  • The wider supply community interested in raising the profile and reputation of this important sector can participate. Costs can be supplied following a note of interest.


To register your interest in participating, please email Pauline Cochrane, CCA’s Head of Partnerships – requesting further details on the options available.