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We are passionate about customer service. In collaboration with our members, we develop products that assist organisations, in all sectors of the economy, embrace the value of customer contact across every communication channel. Understanding the needs of our profession and responding to the challenges of delivering a great customer experience is what matters most to CCA.


CCA Global Excellence Awards 2016

No matter how much we try and plan ahead, there always seems to be something that strikes from the side and disrupts the best laid plans. This is something we hear often when it comes to entering for Awards.

At the moment, the published deadline for CCA Excellence Awards is 3rd June 2016 however, if you require an extension for a specific Award Category then this can be agreed up to and including 24th June 2016.

However, if you do wish to request an extension please contact the team and advise which category this is for. For categories where we do not receive any extension on time, then we will start the judging process from the 4th June onwards and award entry for that category will be closed.

Excellence Awards 2016

Submissions are invited for this year's Excellence Awards categories. Consider which categories or awards you'll focus on, and which teams or individuals you can put forward.

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June 2016


Hosted by MBNA

Today we have many more ways to complain than ever before with the loud voice of social media guaranteed to get a speedier response. Agony aunts in the press will advise consumers to aim for the top and many large organisations have specially designated Chief Executive complaints departments with teams of employees dedicated to respond.



An expert network for senior management at leading outsourcing organisations. Opportunities for showcasing leading practice and promoting the importance of strategic partnerships to the wider customer service community. A proactive campaign including profile and interviews with key stakeholders at leading BPO providers highlights the outputs from this network. 

Quarterly programme for customer service leaders


Hosted by Etihad in Manchester.

This forum will look specifically at the challenges being faced around digital transformation. How are organisations responding to the digital challenge? How does this impact the front-line? What is the role of digital in delivering great customer service? 

Download the agenda here

July 2016

CCA Global is the professional body for contact centres supporting organisations to offer improved and transformed customer service. As I'm sure you'll very much appreciate, with too much demand and not enough supply, coupled with dealing with many vulnerable people, alongside cost and efficiency issues, the challenges for this sector are many.

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The Digital Advantage

CCA Global and ITN Productions Cross The Digital Divide

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