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We are passionate about customer service. In collaboration with our members, we develop products that assist organisations, in all sectors of the economy, embrace the value of customer contact across every communication channel. Understanding the needs of our profession and responding to the challenges of delivering a great customer experience is what matters most to CCA.


New Awards Programme
launched for 2016

Join us on 18 February for the launch of the new programme and learn the secret to success from our 2015 award winners.

A new programme with 6 categories of awards - make sure you are ready for the opening of the programme on 18 February.

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Ofcom Policy Review

Ofcom has powers to take action if a person 'persistently misuses an electronic communications network or service'. Ofcom are reviewing the current policy and are consulting on proposals to change it.

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Upcoming events

February 2016

Launch of CCA Awards Programme for 2016 - Case studies, break-out excercises, input from Awards Judging Panel

Raising the bar to achieve excellence. Hosted by Gas Networks in Dublin this forum will bring together organisations who are on a journey towards customer service excellence.

March 2016

Quarterly programme for customer service leaders

April 2016

Date TBC
Launch of the new Digital Transformation Forum. Continue the debate from CCA Convention in November 2015 with the addition of practical learnings and insights.

May 2016

CCA MBA Programme - The latest views, insights and opinions on delivering great customer service

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Join the conversation

Keeping those involved in the CCA network up to date with the latest developments across industry.

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