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We are passionate about customer service. In collaboration with our members, we develop products that assist organisations, in all sectors of the economy, embrace the value of customer contact across every communication channel. Understanding the needs of our profession and responding to the challenges of delivering a great customer experience is what matters most to CCA.

CCA Convention 2016: Digital Social Mobile 16-17 November

CCA Convention brings together leading experts from a wide range of business sectors and disciplines to discuss and challenge current thinking on the future of customer service.

This year our programme will focus on the influence and impact of digital, social and mobile and how this is forcing organisations to reassess efforts and strategies when it comes to customer retention, investments and embracing new opportunities.

Make sure you secure the best rate for your accommodation at the Hilton Hotel - click here for a special CCA Convention rate.

For more information or to book your place contact the team or call the booking hotline on: 07470 224 467.

BPO Market Research Survey

We are conducting a survey, of both inhouse operators and outsourcers, to gather views on critical issues relating to the outsourcing agenda. Focusing on:

  • applications
  • expectations
  • perceptions

Please take a few moments to answer our questions, click here to be directed to the questionnaire and receive a free copy of the final report.

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Upcoming events

August 2016


Hosted by NS&I, Glasgow

This event will showcase leading examples of customer service excellence and include an interactive session at the CX-Lab.

September 2016


Leverage better partnerships and define win-win contracts in the BPO market-place. A forum focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing organisations that oursource all or part of their customer contact operations currently, or that are considering doing so in the future.


Hosted by Homeserve

Today we have many more ways to complain than ever before with the loud voice of social media guaranteed to get a speedier response. Agony aunts in the press will advise consumers to aim for the top and many large organisations have specially designated Chief Executive complaints departments with teams of employees dedicated to respond.


Quarterly programme for customer service leaders

November 2016

Date TBC
The industry's leading annual convention featuring an array of speeches, presentations, debates and unbeatable learning and networking opportunities.

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The Digital Advantage

CCA Global and ITN Productions Cross The Digital Divide

Watch the preview video


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