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CCA - why it's so important to our network

Why is it important to companies like Police Scotland, TTEC, Scottish Widow, Oracle, Twilio, Sensée, Poly, SGN and more to be part of the CCA network? Hear from some of the UK's leading CX professionals interviewed recently about what working with CCA me

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People & HR Forum, 8 May 2019

Access the highlights and key take-aways from our People & HR Forum, held at CCA HQ on 8 May 2019. Presentations from Standard Life and Coventry Building Society helped shape new concepts on vulnerability, engagement and positive culture change.

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The heat is on

This week saw soaring temperatures with yesterday?Ts record high in Cambridge. For once I wasn?Tt envious of missing the scorching southern sun, as the gentle bright and breezy weather in the Western Isles seemed just perfect.

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