I’m sure many of us watched the spectacle of MPs queuing in a conga like line to enter Parliament to vote; ironically, they have voted to end digital parliament voting from home. 

The move has caused anger from those MPs who wish to set an example to the country by staying safe, confident that they can achieve as much at home close to constituents. Indeed, some would argue that the savings on travel time and millions of pounds are welcome and that the heated shouting across the packed benches in an ancient building should be consigned to history books. The same debate is going on in the country at large as schools, offices small and large attempt to “get back to work”.

For some key workers there’s no escape from heading to work. Working at home is simply not an option. Sometimes the definition of ‘key’ is problematic; one person’s key is another person’s optional. 

For many who can do so, working at home will remain a permanent feature. The difficulties in guaranteeing safety at work deemed too difficult in older buildings, those with lifts and in busy city centres requiring public transport.  

Results from research with the CCA network shows that organisations have reshaped their home working activity in days rather than months. It has been a costly exercise for many and the economic reality of running two models is a very real concern for many; one at home and one ‘bricks and mortar’.

We are learning daily what works, what doesn’t and there are, and have been, many unexpected outcomes. What can’t be argued over the last 12 weeks or so is our learning has grown, concepts we thought as far-distant possibilities have become reality and people we work alongside day and daily have demonstrated their true potential, commitment and dedication to making this work to continue to serve customers. 

We’ve been working hard during this time to capture the best thoughts, examples, expertise and considerations for the future and are offering a unique opportunity to all of industry to join and participate for free in CCA Summer Convention whether you are a member or not. Striving to drive change, delivering improvements for customers and recognising the exceptional work teams have delivered should be celebrated and shared. A huge thank you to all our speakers and partners already committed to contribute their views, expert opinion and practical advice. 

I invite you, your fellow directors, your leadership teams, your managers and more to join us on 23, 24 and 25 June as we celebrate what is great in our sector; taking stock of what we have learned in a very short space of time and explore the possibilities for the future. Now is our time! Register here - I look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards
Anne Marie