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A future vision..... let's build it together

Since February this year, led by CCA Visionaries, we have been working with more than 50 of the leading service and CX brands across the UK & Ireland with programme partners HGS and Oracle, to explore different future scenarios to anticipate what service

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CCA Best Practice Forum 2021

CCA Best Practice Forum is designed to support collaboration and engagement across the CCA network, exploring operational issues and identifying how to best respond. Sessions are hosted monthly and the links to each session recorded in 2021 can be fou

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CCA Future Scenarios 2021

CCA Future Scenarios is designed to help you make the right decisions for future service and CX propositions. Sign in below to access all sessions from 2021 so far.

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Creating plans for service transformation

CCA is introducing a new service to support business improvement and service transformation. It brings key stakeholders across the business together to explore current operational processes, highlight effectiveness and draw out areas requiring developmen

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