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Congratulations to Plantronics!

I was delighted to be part of Plantronics 50th anniversary celebrations at their fantastic new 'Smart' offices in Swindon last week. Plantronics has been a long standing sponsor of CCA and have contributed significantly over the years to our people ...

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Who's complaining?

Had great meetings this week in London with two of our larger outsourcing members - Careline Services and The Listening Company which were quickly followed by a visit to the Treasury office who are discussing with us their Digital Strategy for delive...

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So much learning - too little time?

Following extensive consultation with senior executives on our Industry Council, we are absolutely delighted to confirm that we will be including John Knell's "80 Minute MBA Programme" as one of the leading sessions at this year's Annual Co...

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A glimpse of the contact centre of the future!

We had our Supplier Council meeting yesterday in London. A great session - lots of really interesting discussion around improving relationships between suppliers and operators to positively impact on service and bottom line results. All of the memb...

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Winning the argument but losing the customer

'Don't win the argument and lose the customer' is a phrase I noticed displayed in the offices of a large mobile phone operator during a visit to London earlier this week. It really does make you think how important it is to constantly remind ourselv...

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Just reading March Harvard Business review and read this sentence a few times over.. ‘According to one estimate, businesses collected more information in 2010 than in all prior years combined’ (HBR March 2011 p99) If so, what an opport...

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Grasping the nettle

Our Customer Experience Summit last week hammered home the point that we need to grasp the nettle about measuring what matters, as business models change and cuts in public services begin to bite. This is made all the more challenging when compa...

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Long live voice

We introduced a new membership service in January called “CCA Wake Up Calls”, giving us the opportunity to engage with our members in a series of short, sharp and informative online sessions. For January we focussed on motivation and l...

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The end of one to one - the rise of one to many?

The availability of mobile communications and social media has certainly helped focus the events in Egypt as large numbers of people seek a voice and the organisation of such mass scale demonstrations would perhaps not have been as effective without ...

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Collaboration - a win-win for everyone

I have been out and about this week visiting members in the North of England, across a range of sectors including local government. With snow and ice out of the way (for a while anyway) what a difference it makes to travel - a very punctual (BMI) f...

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