CCA Global Chief Executive, Anne Marie Forsyth, will host an online event on 1st December 2022 to mark the launch of the new CCA Global Accreditation for Customer Experience – the eighth release since its inaugural launch in 2000.

Following an extensive consultation period, this new release recognises the evolution of customer contact and the need for a more collaborative approach to customer experience.

Every area of customer experience is challenging, meaning we need new critical success measures that reflect vision, purpose, and expectation. CCA Global accreditation helps you achieve consistency by defining what is good without limiting innovation and highlights how you perform against agreed benchmarks.

Joining the session will be CCA Accredited members, the CCA assessment team and also the CCA Global Accreditation Review Board who hold the authority to award the accreditation. The event offers a unique opportunity to explore how the accreditation can help you achieve your service and CX ambitions by accessing insights from leading experts offering the best guidance available.

To find out more and register for the event, follow this link. 

About CCA Accreditation

CCA Global Accreditation provides an independent review and benchmark of more than 40 business disciplines including strategy, business policy, voice of customer, colleague commitments, business security, risk management, business performance and more.

  • Is the role and purpose of digital systems and technology aligned to service strategy and goals?
  • How effectively do you understand and support vulnerable customers?
  • Do managers have the skills and support to effectively lead and motivate their teams?
  • How engaging and effective is the on-boarding process for new recruits?
  • Is the effectiveness of mental health support tools and processes measured and reported?
  • Do success criteria and measures align to the vision, values and objectives set out for customers?