CCA Global is proud to announce that One Vision Housing, part of the Sovini Group, has once again achieved CCA Global Accreditation for Customer Experience©.

This accreditation underscores the organisation's steadfast dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and fostering positive experiences for all stakeholders. Since its initial accreditation in 2010, One Vision Housing has consistently maintained high standards of excellence, making a significant impact on the lives of colleagues, customers, and communities alike.

Through its ambitious development framework, the Sovini Group is not merely constructing homes – it's constructing futures. Over the next five years, Sovini Group plans to deliver over 1,000 new homes, advancing its mission of providing safe, affordable housing for all.

At Sovini Group, people are the cornerstone of its success. Recognised as one of the best employers in the UK for the past decade, the organisation treasures its team members and remains committed to fostering a thriving culture, attracting top talent, and upholding its status as one of the UK's premier workplaces.

CCA Global extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has played a role in this remarkable achievement. Here's to many more years of collaboration and positive impact!


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