We’re delighted to be hosting the latest CCA BPO CEO Forum, in partnership with The Knowledge Group (tkg), where leaders will discuss the hot topics impacting the BPO and outsourcing sector and how brands are rising to ongoing sectorial challenges.
The session, on 7th November, will be led by CCA’s CEO, Anne Marie Forsyth, and co-facilitated with market expert, David Rumble, co-founder of The Knowledge Group. It will be a great opportunity for CEOs, COOs and CGOs from the leading players across the UK, Ireland and beyond, to uncover how others in the sector are dealing with the major factors impacting their future service and CX proposition, including the challenges surrounding maintaining standards and achieving a consistent customer experience. 
Some of the questions to be explored include:
  • How can the BPO and outsourcing sector drive aspirational standards in customer service and CX? Are leaders seeing an opportunity to build confidence with clients and in turn, the end consumer?
  • In the face of technological advancements and industry disruptions, how will the BPO and outsourcing sector adapt to seize new growth opportunities?
  • Post-pandemic and post-Brexit, how have new working models and approaches impacted client requirements and relationships? Has the reputation of BPO been impacted? Has this accelerated a transition to offering new services? 
  • What specific areas of specialisation or value-add can help position the BPO and outsourcing market to build growth?
  • In what ways do leaders see their organisations aligning with ethical and sustainable practices? Will this help to drive success and contribute positively to client requirements?
To find out more about the upcoming forum and understand how you can participate, please click here.