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The way we were....

Great digital strides were made over the last 3 years through necessity. The number of processes aided by AI, robotics and automation is staggering. However, some of these hastily applied services are in urgent need of review......

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Trust - A game of two halves?

'Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback'; that famous old Danish proverb has a certain ring to it in the murky world of FIFA this week, as investigations of corruption are spearheaded by the FBI, in scenes more akin to a mobster movie than the ...

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Remembering JFK: The power of words

As America marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy today, the world will remember a charismatic leader not just unafraid of change but one who fought for it with peerless eloquence and passion. Shot down in his prime, crit...

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The Iron Lady's legacy

Love her or hate her, the death of Margaret Thatcher has sparked heated debate on the nature of leadership and the legacy of the Iron Lady. The arguments are particularly pertinent for the customer contact sector as the reforms Thatcher introduc...

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