CCA Women in Leadership Forum: The qualities of remarkable leadership

Catch up on the first CCA Women in Leadership session of 2024.

The winners of the CCA Women in Leadership Awards were announced on 25 April at the awards ceremony in Glasgow. Emerging, Inspiring and Accomplished leaders were recognised.

Hosted once again by presenter and journalist Kaye Adams, in this session we’ll be exploring what makes a remarkable leader, and we’ll be co-hosted by Claire Dutton from CCA partners HP Poly who is a previous CCA Women in Leadership Award winner.

A definition of leadership: “Leadership is about guiding and impacting outcomes, enabling groups of people to work together to accomplish what they couldn’t do working individually…. leadership is something you do, not something you are.”1

What can we learn from those that have been identified as driving positive change and impact in their organisations? What type of leader do we aspire to be? What traits do we see in others that mark a true leader?

Catch up on the session now.

1 What is leadership: A definition and way forward | McKinsey

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