More than 200 senior service and CX execs agree a re-think is required to develop, coach and mentor Team Leaders.

At CCA Leaders’ Summit in November 2022, more than 200 senior service and CX executives agreed a re-think was required on how to develop and train Team Leaders and that new opportunities to help strengthen and enhance their capabilities were a priority.

How can CCA help?
CCA Inspire is a tried and tested programme that offers Team Leaders and Team Managers the opportunity to reflect and review their own performance and re-prioritise their responsibilities as a leader.

Through a blend of live presentation, peer to peer debate, polling and discussion, this virtual programme will focus around 4 core topics and help answer some of the most commonly asked questions:

  • How effective is my leadership style? Do I get the most out of my team?
  • Can I demonstrate improved performance and the value my team brings to the organisation?
  • How do I ensure I prioritise appropriately?
  • Am I building a sense of community and embedding the organisation’s culture?

With the rise in remote and hybrid workplaces, new challenges in motivation and engagement, managing performance and communication are rising to the top.

In addition, employee wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important topic with the ‘always on’ culture of digital and remote working proving at times to have a detrimental impact on employees.

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