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Current Trends in Business Process Outsourcing

For this research, conducted in association with Annual Platinum Partners Invest Northern Ireland, and Silver Partners Agilisys, we surveyed both BPO operators and in-house providers on their views on some critical issues related to the outsourcing agenda

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Right thinking leads to rightshoring

News this week that Aegis, one of the world’s largest outsourcing businesses, is setting up a 2,500 strong contact centre in Glasgow, provoked a flurry of headlines declaring it a case of ‘coals to Newcastle.’ The phrase (alludin...

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A new BPO landscape

When you are travelling, sometimes subtle shifts in the landscape creep up on you, while at other times a new feature on the horizon signals unequivocally that you have reached a new territory. I was thinking about that this week on my way back from ...

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Uncomfortable Truths ...

This week has revealed more high street casualties with HMV and Blockbuster, together with disappointing results from M&S. There has been a deluge of reporting from all sorts of analysts, but one thing is becoming clear - a failure to act on what...

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