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Creating plans for service transformation

CCA is introducing a new service to support business improvement and service transformation. It brings key stakeholders across the business together to explore current operational processes, highlight effectiveness and draw out areas requiring developmen

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Digital-driven CX - Infographic

Steering your customer experience strategy into the future. Our new research highlights the reasons why organisations can no longer afford to ignore the impact of digital transformation.

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The State of Digital Transformation

This report documents the constantly evolving enterprise of digital transformation. As disruptive technologies and their impact on organisations and markets continue to progress, this report aims to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern di

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Collaborative Working

For most organisations, communicating and working with other departments is a critical daily activity. This infographic summarises the findings of our Collaborative Working Report, produced in collaboration with Poly (Plantronics).

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Silly Season

This time of the year is generally known as ‘silly season’ by journalists .... a slow time for hard news so the sillier stories and the good news stories get more airtime and column inches. This week Cilla’s funeral (sad not silly)...

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Behind the lines

Hidden within the glittering razzamatazz of the Oscars in LA last weekend was an unexpected gem; 'The Phone Call' winner of the best live action short film. Mat Kirby and James Lucas's film tells the story of Heather, a crisis call centre worker,...

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Man and machine in perfect harmony?

'Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage'. I came across this quote from Richard Branson in a Linkedin post this week, a timely reminder as t...

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Horses for courses?

A flurry of headlines this week underlined the extent to which we are dealing with an increasingly fragmented, and in some ways even polarised, customer base. The Sunday Times Rich List revealed that there are now more than 100 billionaires in the UK...

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Virtually human

If you watch the Oscars this weekend, look out for the Spike Jonze movie 'Her' for a vision of what could be the ultimate customer service of the future, with technology trumping humans at knowing what we want and delivering it faultlessly every time...

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Going for a gold standard

To the untrained eye watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, some sporting events appear more complex, more tactical or more skillful than others, prompting debate over whether some gold medals are harder won than others. A common joke is that the ...

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Remembering JFK: The power of words

As America marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy today, the world will remember a charismatic leader not just unafraid of change but one who fought for it with peerless eloquence and passion. Shot down in his prime, crit...

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Is the age of the password dead?

Sometimes TV ads just make you want to flick channels but on occasion an advert comes along that really makes you think. A recent one that struck a chord with me is for Barclays Wealth and features a young woman on the phone being asked the usual kin...

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