In this new, original research report we explore the need for organisations to revisit - and reinvent - how well they have prepared their leaders to lead; from front line managers to those in the board room. Research has argued those successful in leveraging the lessons learnt during the pandemic, and working towards developing a balance across seemingly paradoxical priorities such as the importance of global and local, will emerge as true leaders as we transition into a new post-pandemic world of work[1]. Arguably these shifts have been on the horizon for some time with growing acknowledgment of the importance of wellbeing and inclusive workplaces, as well as increasing automation and digital  transformation, but the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change beyond anyone’s expectations.

In addition, to succeed in a challenging market, companies need to be mindful of their commitments to the environment, society and their people to resonate more strongly with prospective and current employees. Organisations that actively engage with and address societal challenges benefit not only from improved reputation and stakeholder relationships, but also from enhanced innovation, risk management, and long-term viability. By aligning their goals and actions with the betterment of society, organisations can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future while reaping various strategic advantages. Equally, priorities around shifting organisational culture and leadership mean businesses require to remodel, reinvent and repurpose their models of work.

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