'Navigating Shifting Tides - Customer Service Dynamics in 2024' is the first report published from newly formed CCA Research Council.

The reality and rhetoric of customer service today is a tension between unmet customer demand, adaptive working models, alongside a tidal wave of technological change creating one of the most turbulent periods for businesses in all sectors of the economy.

This report encapsulates the divergent perspectives of CCA Research Council as industry practitioners and as consumers. By juxtaposing its viewpoints, we gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of customer service, the challenges faced by the workforce, and the impact of technology. The contrast of practitioner and consumer perspective offers a nuanced understanding of the current state of customer service and points toward potential areas for improvement. 

We asked respondents to share their opinion as a customer service professional, comparing 5 years ago to today, what they thought about service today, what were their expected workforce challenges for 2024, as well as their plans for technology use and implementation for the year ahead. 

Throughout 2024, CCA will be working with the Research Council, a consortium of over 100+ senior customer service and CX leaders from brands large and small from across the UK & Ireland and beyond. The initiative is designed to hear the Real Voices© of those navigating the challenges of delivering and developing customer service and experience. 

CCA Research Council will help shed light on the intricacies and pitfalls of the customer service landscape and will report on views of participants not only as seasoned professionals but also as educated consumers.