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Recruiting the Future Workforce

Recruitment can be a costly exercise and guaranteeing your investment in sourcing the right candidates pays off, can be a major challenge. This research examines the practices of a wide range of organisations to determine their approach and future plans f

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The Future of Work & Automation in CX

It's difficult to predict what the future holds, but anticipating trends and planning ahead is what makes some organisations leaders and those who define the market. Completed in partnership with Gobeyond Partners, and including research findings from

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Future Contact Centre Customer

This research we are conducting in association with Kura focuses specifically on: - The biggest customer service challenges facing organisations - How challenges like reducing customer effort, improving quality and meeting the rising expectations of c

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Believe In Better...

This is of course the strapline used by leading entertainment company Sky, providing a focus for them in content creativity, customer, employee and stakeholder engagement. It was certainly visible at our final 2016 CCA leadership forum on Wednesday, ...

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The pursuit of empathy

It's been quite a week for lovers of economics, with the first budget from a new Government, together with the ongoing drama surrounding the future of Greece and that awful phrase 'Grexit'. Balancing the books, whilst being seen to act humanely poses...

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A tale of two companies ...

As I type, by the edge of the Liffey, Sharon and I have just finished another enjoyable day discussing customer care, service and engagement at the CCA Customer Engagement Network in Dublin. I love this city. We've been in the company of people from ...

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Quelle Surprise!

I've lost count of the number of commentators in our industry who have bemoaned the lack of customer service offered by budget airlines. Few conference programmes are complete without a debate about customer experience in this sector. Negative impres...

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