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Digital-driven CX - Infographic

Steering your customer experience strategy into the future. Our new research highlights the reasons why organisations can no longer afford to ignore the impact of digital transformation.

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The State of Digital Transformation

This report documents the constantly evolving enterprise of digital transformation. As disruptive technologies and their impact on organisations and markets continue to progress, this report aims to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern di

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Hire a hacker

The ongoing furore about hackers stealing Talk Talk customer data took a new twist this week with suggestions that large organisations should think about hiring the skills of the hackers. Unbelievably it appears that those responsible may be as young...

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Destination satisfaction

An interesting blog from Richard Branson this week entitled 'You can't fake personality, passion or purpose' describes how the Virgin group hires new recruits. Top of the tree is personality; always winning over the 'book smarts' whilst experience...

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Behind the lines

Hidden within the glittering razzamatazz of the Oscars in LA last weekend was an unexpected gem; 'The Phone Call' winner of the best live action short film. Mat Kirby and James Lucas's film tells the story of Heather, a crisis call centre worker,...

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