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Better the devil you know?

This week's blog has been penned by Liz Barclay, broadcaster and writer specialising in consumer business issues and personal finance. She is a communications trainer and coach and works with a variety of businesses in finance, health and public sec...

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Tackling Trust

Some say trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it breaks, but you’ll still see the cracks. Personally, I think that is too downbeat a view, particularly following the frank discussions we had this week at Industry Council on regaining custo...

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The best of times, the worst of times

Charles Dickens’ novel ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ contains perhaps the most famous opening lines in English literature: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...” As we come to the close of the year and begin t...

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Christmas hotline

Only five days to go before most of us will be tucking into our turkey and enjoying the fun of the festive season with friends and family. In the middle of the jollity, we should doff our party hats to dedicated contact centre workers everywhere who ...

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Banking on the future

Do you remember opening your first bank account? Like me, you were likely still a teenager and depositing your grant or your first pay cheque. I recall feeling a bit intimidated because everything was so formal, from the building to the atmosphere, ...

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Old School, New World

The opening of the new £189 million Birmingham Library this week showcased a great example of a successful marriage between old school ways of learning and the new digital world. It houses one million books alongside digital information screens...

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Through a Glass Darkly

At the risk of sounding like Dr Who (whichever incarnation you prefer), I recommend taking a virtual trip backwards in time to gain a fresh perspective on the present. I had an opportunity to do it at Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura, a Victorian &l...

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Mediating Risk in an Uncertain World

Tennessee Williams said “The future is called ‘perhaps’, which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you”[1]. In the current climate of fiscal insecurity, ho...

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Social media is THE customer platform

In tougher times, complaints rise – however the ability to differentiate service through successful resolution also rises. On the flip side we have increased risk factors – stressed staff, regulation, a hungry media and a culture of liti...

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The end of one to one - the rise of one to many?

The availability of mobile communications and social media has certainly helped focus the events in Egypt as large numbers of people seek a voice and the organisation of such mass scale demonstrations would perhaps not have been as effective without ...

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Collaboration - a win-win for everyone

I have been out and about this week visiting members in the North of England, across a range of sectors including local government. With snow and ice out of the way (for a while anyway) what a difference it makes to travel - a very punctual (BMI) f...

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