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Best wishes for the festive season

If your office is anything like the CCA office then it will be pandemonium with all the last minute planning before we all take a well deserved break. It has been an amazing year in so many ways but also probably one of the most challenging in mem...

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Rebuilding trust with customers

Can organisations use their contact centres to rebuild trust with customers, and critically help retain and grow business? Yes is the resounding answer according to our Industry Council leadership forum who met last week. The group concluded tha...

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From Bangalore to Burnley

Yesterday I was invited to join the debate on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 talking about that old chestnut – offshoring to India. A new twist to the debate, however, was that the cost differential is no longer the biggest factor as the ...

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Just reading March Harvard Business review and read this sentence a few times over.. ‘According to one estimate, businesses collected more information in 2010 than in all prior years combined’ (HBR March 2011 p99) If so, what an opport...

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