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Avoiding that sinking feeling

This has been one of those weeks as they say, a combination of upgrading everything in the CCA office to Windows 365 and bravely upgrading to the new iPhone iOS. It's fair to say that I feel forced into becoming left-handed with my right-hand firmly ...

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Customer engagement

This week's blog has been penned by Liz Barclay, broadcaster and writer specialising in consumer business issues and personal finance. She is a communications trainer and coach and works with a variety of businesses in finance, health and public sec...

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Leading from the front

We had a really inspiring venue for the launch of Global Standard© Version 6 this week at Altitude, with panoramic 360 degree views over London. It was particularly apt for a new era in Global Standard© that involves a 360 degree view of an...

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Power to the people

If you were in any doubt that the economy is improving, confidence is growing and people are on the move again, you only have to look at a surge in the numbers of people seeking passports and the UK Passport Office’s hapless efforts to deal wit...

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Showcasing Excellence

Recognition and reward have never been more important than it is today in our very challenging economic climate. CCA are committed to showcasing award winning approaches to customer service – whether that is through organisations achieving an...

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Rebuilding trust in our banks

This week saw the delivery of a speech as part of the annual Today Programme Lecture by the governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King within which he renewed the push for bank reform. He blamed a collective failure of imagination to foresee iss...

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Collaboration - a win-win for everyone

I have been out and about this week visiting members in the North of England, across a range of sectors including local government. With snow and ice out of the way (for a while anyway) what a difference it makes to travel - a very punctual (BMI) f...

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