This week saw the delivery of a speech as part of the annual Today Programme Lecture by the governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King within which he renewed the push for bank reform. He blamed a collective failure of imagination to foresee issues with the huge increase in lending and focused on the need for regulation. He described the three reforms he saw as most important: regulation, resolution and restructure.

Putting these three Rs into practice is clearly important, but must be underpinned by a concerted effort to regain public trust. Banking remains the least trusted industry sector according to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer and boosting confidence in the sector seems a fairly Herculean task. It is one, however, that we must take on to ensure economic recovery.  
Encouragingly, I attended the Chartered Institute of Bankers annual dinner last night in Glasgow and it was excellent to hear that the dominant focus of the Chartered Banker Initiative was to become instrumental in the rebuilding of public trust. Positively many major financial institutions have signed up to the initiative.
20% of CCA members belong to the financial services and we are committed to supporting organisations in connecting to customers to enhance trust. The CCA Global Standard is at the core of this and underpins aspirations for continuous improvement. To find out more about this please click here.
We will also be working closely with the Chartered Institute to ensure that contact centre operations can be encouraged to foster this process. At Convention 2012 we will be gathering a panel of industry experts to tackle the key questions around trust and transparency. To find out about Convention 2012 please click here.
As ever we would be keen to gather your views on these issues – please get in touch!