REPORT: Finding the Perfect Match - Attract and Keep the Right Talent for Future Success

This new CCA report suggests we need to adapt existing human-centric models for working post-pandemic to attract and retain the best talent. In hybrid working environments, models need to be designed around employee-driven flexibility, connectedness, and wellbeing.

New research published by CCA cites employee wellbeing as central to organisations’ considerations to attract, recruit and retain talent. 84% of those surveyed from over 50 leading brands in private and public sectors know that without a compelling proposition, organisations will be challenged to retain top performers and attract the best, new talent for their business. 

Many organisations are seeing clear benefits in hybrid working models; however, this can take a toll on employees’ health and wellbeing. It can be hard for advisors to unplug from work, stay motivated and fight feelings of isolation, particularly as more customers are presenting as vulnerable and needing extra support. 

In addition, building company culture with a hybrid workforce is an ongoing challenge, along with ensuring opportunities for progression and development continue regardless of where employees work from.


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