Moving off ageing hardware to an agile, cloud-based SaaS solution deployed on multifunctional devices used in-store helped Waitrose & Partners continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Among its many high-profile awards for customer satisfaction, Waitrose has been named “BestSupermarket of 2020” by consumer publication ​Which?​. After consolidating partners' working functionality, such as scanning barcodes and taking inventory, into a single multifunction handheld device, Waitrose & Partners added a cloud phone app to the device to give partners instant voice connection within and beyond the store. “Putting a cloud phone app on our Partners’ handsets meant that everyone—customers, Partners in the store, even Partners calling in from different stores—could more easily and more quickly get connected to the right people,” says Sandra ​Stigwood, the company’s Senior Network Infrastructure Manager. “​Because everyone is carrying the RingCentral app with them on their main device, it’s much easier for our team to communicate with each other, even while they’re doing other tasks,” says Matt Doughty, a Waitrose Team Manager for Customer Service.

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