Marks & Spencer, founded in 1884, is a retailer with a company-wide emphasis on quality. This value of quality is infused into all aspects of their customer relations. Beginning in the early 20th century, Marks & Spencer was one of the first retailers to accept returned purchases—with receipt—for a full cash refund, regardless of when the product was purchased.

This focus on quality customer service continues today, but not without challenges. Just as the general public’s preference in clothing styles and food tastes change from season to season, communication preferences evolve, with many consumers worldwide opting to speak with businesses in a variety of ways—in-store, via email, on the phone, through webchat, and by text message. Marks & Spencer felt the pressure to modernize to remain relevant to today's consumers.

Marks & Spencer had a limited understanding of why their customers were calling and how they should be directed. To modernize their IVR, they needed a partner that could offer natural language processing (NLP) and a high-quality customer intent analysis to fully understand why customers were calling and where best to route them.

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