CCA will deliver a new research programme led by Platinum Members and the Visionaries group, to help us guide you to make the right decisions for your future service and CX proposition. 

As a senior business leader, you are challenged with cost reduction, navigating and simplifying complicated customer journeys, and in many ways turning traditional business models on their heads. How best should you lead the charge on service, CX, and digital and people transformation?

A consultation session will take place on 10 December where we will outline the plans and objectives for the programme through 2021 and offer the opportunity for members to contribute their views and opinions on what’s important to ensure all pertinent points and questions are considered through the Future Scenarios programme. 

CCA Platinum Members are from private and public sectors and represent some of the biggest and most influential brands in the UK, Ireland and beyond. We estimate the collective 40+ companies represent around 25-30% of all customer service activity in the UK and Ireland, ensuring we have a sound representation of what future service and CX might look like.

For more information and to discuss how you can be involved please get in touch