Today marks the beginning of Customer Service Week 2021 – a chance to recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of teams everywhere, committed to delivering for customers time and again.
The last 19 months have presented some of the biggest challenges in our lifetime. The initial emergency response of getting everyone working from home seems ‘easy’ in comparison to the challenges today as we work to build new models and approaches to ensure changing customer demands and challenging workforce conditions are balanced. This requires true leadership and a shift from tactical, operational thinking to brave, futures decision-making.
As a collective network we have faced different challenges over the last 25 years and we have been building on that experience and walking with you every step of the way since March 2020 to help manage the unforeseen and unplanned and to rebuild stronger, smarter and better.
  • Building more resilient and capable leaders with specific skills for our new world of work
  • Giving reassurance by reviewing operations to ensure industry standards are met and maintained
  • Supporting you to recognise individuals and teams for the incredible work they do
  • Exploring and designing the future together using the incredible intelligence and expertise in the CCA network and beyond
Since February this year we have been working with more than 50 of the leading service and CX brands across the UK & Ireland to explore different future scenarios to anticipate what service will look like to 2025 with programme partners HGS and Oracle
Building that future together collaboratively is incredibly powerful and we will be sharing the outputs and conclusions of the collective CCA vision for 2025 in the coming weeks. Make sure you are head of the curve and pre-register your interest in attending our launch event on 4 Nov 2021 and accessing the published report.
Let’s take this week to reflect, recognise what’s great and embrace the challenges and opportunities for the future.