When we reflect on key contact center trends at play, it’s clear that we are seeing the emergence of a decade of great challenge, but also great opportunity. 

It’s been quite some time since we had this much talk about growth in the contact center. Before the pandemic, many analysts were predicting a steady year-on-year decline in channel importance and talent costs with artificial intelligence taking on more of the simplest engagements. 

It’s not that anyone got it wrong; it was a perfectly accurate description of the needs of the customer and, therefore, the business at the time. But no one could have predicted that we’d lose the entire face-to-face customer channel for such a long period of time. Very few were truly prepared for the need of everyone within the contact center to work remotely, without any warning or preparation.

Out of that challenge, though, has come innovation. 

It’s the dawn of a new era for the contact center, one fueled by rapid decision making and agile execution. 

For a look at how we got here, let’s dive into the six key contact center trends that have led to our present circumstances and how contact center leaders at the helm of strategic brands are meeting the moment and embracing these opportunities to get ahead.

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