The CCA Advisory Board convened for the third time this year to engage in discussion focusing on the future of work and more specifically, Generation Alpha. 

Guest Speaker: Helenor Gilmour and Pete Maginn, Directors of Insight at Beano Studios

Beano Studios is a rebellious entertainment business, driven by insight and data, which creates, curates and delivers entertainment for kids of all ages worldwide. The Studio produces diverse entertainment across multiple destinations; including TV, digital content, theatrical projects, consumer products, plus the legendary comic and annual. 

The award-winning is the UK’s fastest growing kid’s entertainment site, with 5M monthly reach across the Beano network. Beano Studios’ International Emmy® nominated Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! was CBBC’s highest rated animation at launch. SO Beano! a presenter-led entertainment show inspired by the hottest trends and most loved content on, launched on Sky Kids and airing on Sky One.


Helenor Gilmour and Pete Maginn are both Directors of Insight at Beano Studies. The team shared their views on Generation Alpha – born from 2010 onwards, including insights from their growing customer base providing a glimpse into the potential impact and influence of global events on our future customer and talent pool including the impact of the speed of change; influence on spend; empowerment; education and social responsibility. 

Helenor and Pete will join us at the CCA Annual Convention in November. If you're interested in GenAlpha and would like to find out more about Beano Studies make sure you register for CCA Convention