Chelmer Housing Partnership (CHP) recently celebrated 15 years of CCA Global Accreditaton.

CHP, a locally managed and charitable housing association in Chelmsford, Essex, has been at the forefront of providing warm, safe, and quality homes, making a real impact on their community. But their commitment doesn't stop there – they're dedicated to transforming lives and fostering vibrant communities.

A journey of excellence:
In 2006, CHP embarked on their CCA Accreditation journey, marking the beginning of a transformative era. In 2007, they achieved accreditation, setting a high standard for customer service in the early 00s.

Evolution of customer service:
In 2007, customer contact at CHP was primarily telephony-based. Fast forward to today, and CHP's customer service team is a multi-channel powerhouse, handling inquiries across telephony, email, social media, and webchat.

Why it matters:
CHP's unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is a testament to their dedication to their customers and the community. They've not only adapted to changing times but have thrived and evolved, setting a prime example for all.

Let's celebrate together:
Join us in celebrating CHP's 15 years of CCA Accreditation and their relentless pursuit of customer service excellence. Their journey inspires us all to aim higher, adapt, and continue making a positive impact.

To 15 years of excellence and beyond! Here's to CHP's outstanding achievements and to many more years of success and innovation.