This week we hosted the first of the newly reformed CCA CEO Industry Council in London hosted by long-standing partners Poly at their incredible experience centre in The Gherkin.

The power of a collaborative forum, driven by a collective desire to progress and succeed is extraordinary. In the room were some of the smartest minds in our marketplace, exploring the issues top of mind as we seek to understand what we need for the future by way of talent and future working models.

We shared a sneak preview of the benchmarking results from our latest survey on ‘The Perfect Match – Attract & Keep the Right Talent for Future Success’ with partners HGS.

There were so many valuable insights but below are the Top 10 quotes from the day:

  1. Focusing on people’s strengths is like medicine
  2. If everyone is the best version of themselves at work, then you’re in a good place as an organisation
  3. Every person in your organisation deserves a good manager
  4. Perfection is not required for success
  5. Incremental improvement can have a significant effect
  6. What is 'work' and does organisational culture matter?
  7. Understand who you are; knowing the type of person you are, shapes how you engage and inspire others
  8. Think of yourself as a customer, but with the perspective of knowing what you know as a professional, and it’ll transform your approach
  9. Create a trusted environment putting the customer first; trusting and empowering people to do the right thing
  10. We are all committed to do the best by our people but is what we’re doing enough?


If you’d like to know more about how you can get involved, please get in touch.


PS. There's still time to participate in the benchmarking survey and share your opinion on ‘The Perfect Match – Attract & Keep the Right Talent for Future Success’. The true, rich value from benchmarking comes from collecting views from all sectors and size of organisations so thank you in advance for taking the time to participate. The survey should take around 8-10 minutes to complete.