A huge ‘experiment’ for working from home has seen varying and surprising results that will ultimately mean permanent changes for future models. Emerging post pandemic with a confident, robust and fit-for-purpose customer service operation is a must. But how can you be sure the model you have is the best one?  

CCA is introducing a new service to support business improvement and service transformation. It brings key stakeholders across the business together to explore current operational processes,  highlight effectiveness and draw out areas requiring development that will help teams move beyond the significant challenges faced over the past 18 months.  

Delivered by seasoned experts who know what it’s like to be at the front-line of leading service operations, these sessions will help steer you on the path towards a new model approach. 

The CCA Operational Review will help leaders with decision making, keeping the customer at the fore and provide clear, actionable and accountable plans for improvement.   

The review process is based on the CCA Standard – a framework that measures an organisations customer service strategy and helps develop a consistent approach to customer service. The Operational Review is a stand-alone service, and does not include assessment or accreditation. 

The process follows 3 simple steps:  

Step 1 – Plan 
Identify who will be involved. Set the scope and confirm date for the session.  

Step 2 – Do 
Set out objectives and expectations with the team and start to work through specific business areas that will test and challenge current operational performance. Areas include: Organisational strategy; Customer engagement; Capability and talent; Business security and risk management; Partnerships and relationships; Working environment; Managing business performance. 

Step 3 – Review  
Using the operational data and insights captured in Step 2, re-engage with the team to agree priorities to support operational improvements and service transformation.