CCA launched its new Future Scenarios programme to explore the possibilities of future service and CX to 2025. 

Kicking off with a ‘Rewind to Fast Forward’ Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos Mori reflected on the implications of the last 9 months and what it might mean as we progress through 2021 and beyond. Ben challenged the idea of the ‘desk farm’ and what new purposes our work environments might be used for in the future as we potentially continue to embrace hybrid and remote working.

Models of work we have built, adapted and refined from the 20th to the 21st century have in many ways been ‘red-lined’ and a new ‘great reset’ has begun.

The coronavirus pandemic fast-tracked us to new ways of working. Relationships between organisations and customers have seen seismic shifts and as we begin to emerge from the impact, what will this mean for how we build our new future? 

Business leaders are challenged with cost reduction, navigating and simplifying complicated customer journeys, and in many ways turning traditional business models on their heads. How best should you lead the charge on service, CX, and digital and people transformation?

Through 2021 CCA will deliver a new research programme led by CCA Platinum Members and the Visionaries group, to help us guide you to make the right decisions for your future service and CX proposition by:
  • having the confidence to know what you are being informed is the best available
  • collaborating with peers to help identify the best strategies for success
  • accessing leading experts to question and explore the art of the possible
If you would like to know more about the programme through 2021 and how you might participate, please get in touch.