Alan Dedicoat, whose inimitable voice booms out the National Lottery winning balls, was our host at the first CCA Best Practice Forum for 2020 at Camelot in Watford.

It was a joyful occasion, in stark contrast to a grey January where bulging waistlines and shrinking bank balances can leave us all feeling a bit blue.

We celebrated all those who had won CCA Excellence Awards in November 2019 and we heard directly from the team at Camelot - Mark Wheatley and Lucia Montans Lorenzo - about what made their entry a winner. 

One of the lessons from running awards programmes has surely to be that what good looks like can change as standards rise and the bar gets higher. And of course, the factors to be considered change too; organisations are not only judged on how efficient their services are but how diverse their workforces are and how good they are at being fair to vulnerable customers.

For 2020 we have reflected this in new categories that will be available to enter. Issues such as inclusion and diversity, well-being and social purpose are rising to the top in importance across all sectors and organisations of different sizes. We want to shine a light on the dedication and commitment our network shows in making essential improvements and transformations for the benefit of their employees and customers. So perhaps now is the time for you to showcase your achievements?

CCA Excellence Awards are regarded as a pinnacle achievement. Being judged by your peers and in turn recognised and rewarded, is the ultimate accolade for any business or individual. But of course, to win a lottery or an award, ‘you have to be in it to win it!’

The journey to taking part in the highly coveted CCA awards starts now. Getting in the mindset, getting support of teams and leaders, deciphering what your strengths are and how will they stand up to scrutiny and comparison? All the way until the submission deadline there is available support, case studies, webinars, top tips from judges and more to make sure you give yourself the best opportunity possible to win.

It’s a fun journey, and of course to make the shortlist is a winning ticket in itself; so what are you waiting for? Make this a winning year for you, your teams and your business! For full details click here.

Have a winning weekend!

Anne Marie