With so many highly individualised tech advancements, is it possible that we may lose the ability to empathise or work collaboratively to best respond to customers? 

With blockchain, crypto currency and peer-to-peer exchanges, will banking maintain its current position? Will we need banks in the future?

How hard do you think it is for a corporate brand to convince the customer that you are sincere in having their best interests as your priority?

Does focusing on better CX lead to better ethical practices?

How do we avoid data being abused and use it to be more proactive, anticipating customer needs without being intrusive?

Can we screen or recruit for resilience in front-line agents and team managers to ensure they are equipped to respond to more challenging conversations?

As we move towards ‘digital-first’, how do we ensure that those who can’t or won’t engage with digital technology aren’t excluded from essential services?

How do we ensure the security of customer data when enabling working from home?

With an executive board which views the contact centre as a cost centre, what one thing would you do or say to influence a change in mindset?

Do you think that identity authentication at times such as bereavement will ever take place through a single portal for all organisations, similar to the government’s ‘Tell Us Once’?

How do we create the best culture for digital/innovation in a contact centre with staff who aren’t used to or receptive to change?

What are your main challenges in working with digital/technology teams to ensure best customer outcomes?

Given the increasing demands and complexities being placed on frontline colleagues, will remuneration change to reflect this?

In the digital era, in our industry, what’s the next game changer?

Do you see regulation inhibiting digital innovation in the future?