It is Down's Syndrome Awareness Week! 18-24 March 2024

Join us in celebrating the individuality of every person with Down's syndrome during this special awareness week! The highlight of our support will be at the CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner on 25th April, featuring a performance by Choir 21.

Comprising talented young people and adults with Down's syndrome, the Choir 21 performance promises to be an inspiring and uplifting experience, showcasing their incredible talents.

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion, valuing the unique qualities that make each individual exceptional. Thrilled to collaborate with local charity Down’s Syndrome Scotland, we're excited about celebrating Down's Syndrome Awareness Week from 18th to 24th March 2024.

Down's syndrome, or Ds, a genetic condition caused by an extra chromosome 21, affects approximately one in every 1,000 babies.

Mark your calendars for the extraordinary performance by Choir 21 at the CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner! Together, let's celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and create a world where everyone is recognised for their unique gifts. Let's make a positive impact together!