In the dynamic world of motoring services, the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has emerged as a beacon of excellence, not just for its record-breaking sales of personalised number plates but also for its steadfast commitment to CCA Global Standard Accreditation for Customer Experience©.


Setting the Standard: '25 O' and beyond

While the sale of personalised number plates like '25 O' has captured attention and headlines, the DVLA's true hallmark is its dedication to the global standard of service. '25 O' remains a testament to the agency's ability to blend uniqueness and desirability, yet it is the DVLA's ongoing pursuit of CCA Global Accreditation© that defines its success story.


DVLA: A hub of excellence in motoring services

Beyond the glamour of exclusive number plate sales, the DVLA plays a pivotal role in maintaining over 49 million driver records, 40 million vehicle records, and collecting around £7 billion annually in vehicle excise duty on behalf of HM Treasury. 

Positioned as a hub for motoring services, the DVLA consistently strives to deliver reliable, user-friendly services that provide value for money to taxpayers. As one of the largest employers in South Wales, with a recently established second site in Birmingham, the DVLA actively engages with local communities to support skills development for their future workforce.


17 Years of dedication: DVLA's commitment to CCA Global Standard©

In 2007, the DVLA achieved the prestigious CCA Global Accreditation©, marking the beginning of a journey dedicated to global service excellence. Recently completing their 17th assessment, DVLA showcases not only a commitment to meeting standards but a dedication to continuous improvement. Led by a robust leadership team, DVLA has successfully navigated challenges such as past industrial action and the transition to a hybrid working model, reinforcing a strong and healthy organisational culture.


The journey ahead: DVLA's ongoing commitment to quality service

As the DVLA team sets clear expectations for the next 12 months, their commitment and engagement remain centred on the pursuit of global standards. Through achievements like CCA Global Standard Accreditation©, DVLA stands as a model of excellence and innovation in the motoring services sector. The agency continues to drive forward, not merely as a seller of exclusive number plates but as a standard-bearer of global service excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of motoring services.


About CCA Global Accreditation for Customer Experience©

With over 20 years of creating and setting industry standards, CCA Global Accreditation is the proven route for those organisations committed to achieving service excellence.

Achieving CCA Global Accreditation© is a testament to an organisation's dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences, continuous improvement, and a customer-centric approach in all aspects of its operations. This accreditation sets a high bar for service quality and is a mark of distinction in the world of customer service. To find out more, contact the team.