Create positive outcomes when dealing with conflict, abusive customers and confrontational conversations

In today's business environment, dealing with difficult customers is an inevitable challenge facing advisors and team managers. This course is designed to equip your team with the necessary skills and strategies to handle abusive customer interactions effectively and professionally. 

Through this course, participants will learn how to actively listen, empathize, and communicate appropriately to de-escalate challenging situations. They will also explore the importance of maintaining composure and managing emotions during conflict to assist in de-esclating tense interactions. 

This new workshop is your pathway to more successful and productive conversations. By taking part, you will:-

  • Discover new techniques that will empower you to navigate challenging discussions with confidence, leading to positive outcomes every time.
  • Learn how to skilfully manage abusive customers and boost your confidence in every interaction.
  • Explore the importance of active listening and hone your skills for a brighter and more harmonious conversation.
  • Join forces with peers from various organisations, to hone your abilities and build emotional resilience.
  • Learn how to de-stress, boost your skills and enhance your communication skills both personally and professionally.
  • ​With the right skills and techniques, you will be empowered to take charge of the conversation and provide the appropriate emotional engagement, support and understanding.

This virtual programme is designed specifically for advisors and team managers. 

SESSION 1: 17 January 2024
Strategies and Tactics for Diffusing and Resolving Conflict Situations

SESSION 2: 31 January 2024
Building Mental and Emotional Resilience

"I thought the sessions were brilliant. Emma shared so many techniques that I feel will really support and enhance the confidence of call takers dealing with challenging customers. Emma was very engaging and made the session fun even when we had to talk about very serious life events. The testimonials Emma shared really brought to life how important it is to build resilience not only in the workplace but through day to day life as well" -  Learning & Developement Advisor, Coventry Building Society 

"I will certainly be recommending this course to all – best training for a very long time!" - Training & Knowledge Specialist, Fexco 

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